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Melissa's attendants
  • Meredith Pawlett, Maid Of Honor
    Meredith is Melissa's cousin and one of her closest friends. She is a Law Clerk graduate and is currently studying Court Clerk at Centennial College. Meredith has a wonderful son named Kaden who is great friends with Ron and Melissa`s kids, Tristan and Chase.
  • Kathleen DeGroot, Bridesmaid
    Kathleen is one of Melissa's best friends and has been for the last 16 years. She is the person responsible for introducing Melissa and Ron 11 and a half years ago. She is a mother of 5, yes 5 children, and currently a student of massage therapy.
  • Sarah Leonard, Bridesmaid
    Sarah is Ron's one and only sister. She is engaged to Melisa`s brother, Ken, and they have two beautiful children (the flower girls) and are expecting another one the end of July. Sarah is Co-director and curator of the Front Room Gallery in Barrie. When she isn't making art or throwing art shows she's racing around on quad skates playing flat track roller derby under the name Kandy War-Doll.
  • Kelly Feuerherdt, Bridesmaid
    Melissa and Kelly met many years ago as Kelly had been friends with Melissa's next door neighbour and closest friend. Over the years their paths crossed many times as they had numerous mutual acquaintances but their own friendship began to grow a year and a half ago when they were once again united through a mutual friend and discovered they both had young sons very close in age. They began having frequent play-dates for their kids and soon developed a wonderful friendship of their own. Kelly has a love for animals, arts and crafts, movies and festivals.
  • Xiao Leonard, Flower Girl
    Xiao (pronounced Zio) is Ron and Melissa's eldest niece. She is an incredibly smart young lady who loves all things related to art and science. Beautiful both inside and out, this young woman is full of potential.
  • Lena Stanbury, Flower Girl
    Lena is Ron and Melissa's youngest niece, at two years old, but not for long, as she is preparing to become a big sister. Full of energy and personality this little lady will amaze you with her outstanding balance and vocabulary at such a young age.
Ron's attendants
  • Lance Williams, Best Man
    Lance met Ron through Ron's father Robert when he recommended him to work for Ron. He is currently living in Newmarket and working on the Railroad. Lance loves to build stuff and he is very mechanically inclined. One of his current projects is a miniature car for Ron and Melissa's son Tristan.
  • Jay Teixeira, Groomsman
    Ron and Jay have been friends for many years and often helped each other out whenever one was in need. Long ago, when Ron needed a place to stay, Jay's father took him in. Years later Ron bumped into Jay and learned that Jay was in need of a place to stay so he volunteered his spare room in an effort to return the favour. It wasn't until Jay moved in with Ron that they discovered the most unusual and coincidental part of their friendship, that their parents had actually been roommates when Ron and Jay were very little. To this day, their friendship remains strong.
  • Ken Stanbury, Groomsman
    Ken is Melissa's older brother and he is also engaged to Ron`s sister, Sarah. They have two beautiful children (the flower girls) and another one on the way (due the end of July). He is a hobbyist photographer but he went to school for video editing and works in film and television.
  • Britton Stanbury, Groomsman
    Britton is Melissa's younger brother. He is currently living with Ron and Melissa and their children in Aurora. He recently graduated from the University of Windsor with a degree in Human Kinetics. He has a love of all things sports related and enjoys a healthy active lifestyle.
  • Tristan Leonard, Ring Bearer
    Tristan is Ron and Melissa's first born son. At four years old he has a huge heart and is always ready for fun. He loves to play with cars and superheroes. He would be happy being outside all day long, and is always looking to learn new things, a great attribute to have as he is about to start school next fall.
  • Chase Leonard, Ring Bearer
    Chase is Ron and Melissa's second and youngest son at almost two years old. He is becoming quite the little man as his personality and vocabulary have started to grow so much. He loves to play with his big brother and he has a wonderful sense of humour. He is and always has been very much a Grandma`s boy.
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